Happy Clients


"After being told by doctors I had anxiety/depression and PTSD, I was told there was a 6 month wait for therapy on NHS. I visited Sue for some help as I was lost. Sue helped me open up And talk about what was going on in my head. Sue worked within my comfort realms and found MY safe place/feeling so I could relax enough for therapy to help. Slowly things started to make sense and I didn't feel so lost/crazy. I had several sessions with Sue and it helped me so much. Would definitely recommend Sue. She adapts her way of working to suit you and your needs/issues." - Rachael 2020

"I visited Sue & was made to feel very welcome. I was a little nervous about the regression but I soon relaxed & was able to work with Sue in recalling past memories. The experience was very positive & enlightening & I would strongly recommend Sue to anyone seeking past life regression answers." - Damion - 2019

"I had an amazing experience with Sue, lots of evidence to research that was absolutely fascinating (and accurate for the time, culture and language I went back to) I felt really safe, she took me to a place I was most content. I would highly recommend this. I feel it has helped me to reconnect to a part of my soul and I have better understanding of myself." - Jenny 2019

"Sue is so approachable and has a remarkable way of making you feel at ease. I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session today. I went into it feeling uptight, tired, worried and stressed and left feeling relaxed, positive and empowered. It was such a relaxing experience I didn’t want it to end! Thank you Sue! Xxx" - Jo. July 2020